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PIEDMONT, VALLE D’AOSTA: Roberto Lampugnani is successfully active in the whole area of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, where is supported by his son Andrea Lampugnani and Riccardo Farina.

Contact numbers: 337.394237 (Roberto) - 340.4719108 (Riccardo) - 338.3836334 (Andrea)

VENETO, FRIULI-VENEZIA GIULIA, TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE: Luca Lampugnani is successfully active in the Triveneto area, in which he devotes all his efforts, time and passion. Here you can find his son Alessandro Lampugnani and Riccardo Farina as well.

Contact numbers: 337.394218 (Luca) - 340.4719108 (Riccardo)

LOMBARDYWe have also included a cousin of ours, Thomas Lampugnani, who works with commitment and enthusiasm in the Lombardy area. He cooperates with Simone Vettore and Andrea Lampugnani here.

Contact numbers:  328.9339198 (Thomas) - 340.2997613 (Simone) - 338.3836334 (Andrea)

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