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PIEDMONT, VALLE D’AOSTA: Roberto Lampugnani. After achieving his graduation in economics from the Bocconi University of Milan he decided to deepen his father’s professional experience. Since then, he is being active in the whole area of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, where he has become successful thanks to his efforts and reliability. Roberto is supported by his son Andrea Lampugnani and Riccardo Farina.

Contact numbers: 337.394237 (Roberto) - 340.4719108 (Riccardo) - 338.3836334 (Andrea)

VENETO, FRIULI-VENEZIA GIULIA, TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE: Luca Lampugnani. As soon as he graduated from the commercial high-school he began to work alongside his father. He is successfully active in the Triveneto area, in which he devotes all his efforts, time and passion. Here you can find Riccardo Farina as well. Recently Alessandro Lampugnani, Luca's son, has started to collaborate with us.

Contact numbers: 337.394218 (Luca) - 340.4719108 (Riccardo)

LOMBARDY: We have also included Thomas Lampugnani, a cousin of ours. Not only has he enthusiastically learnt techniques handed down by uncle Arnaldo, but he has also provided a significant renewal. In Lombardy he cooperates with Simone Vettore and recently Andrea Lampugnani has arrived here too.

Contact numbers:  328.9339198 (Thomas) - 340.2997613 (Simone) - 338.3836334 (Andrea)

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