Here are some of the best companies in the water-sanitation and bathroom furniture industry that we represent.


Rubinetteria Paffoni is a company headquartered in Pogno – province of Novara, which produces mixer taps and bathroom accessories since 1953. Over the years it has specialised in the manufacturing of shower and kitchen-designed products.

Design, raw materials and innovation technologies have always been the focus of the company’s attention and these features are indeed applied to all its products. In addition to that, Rubinetteria Paffoni keeps a good value for money and short delivery times.


Ceramica Globo is a sanitaryware, wash-basin and shower trays manufacturer since 1980. Over the years it has gained a prominent position in the health-hygiene and bathroom furniture industry.
The company looks to the future thanks to its process and product innovation, which allows it to produce reliable, technology-advanced and highly stylish products of undisputable quality.


Founded in 1933 by Enrico Tentori, OTER company has developed in line with market requirements over the years and offers highly technological products that are also rich in content.
Today OTER is a leader not only in the heating and plumbing industry, but also in the field of water-sanitary and piping installations. Its production is based on four product lines: Oterfix, Aquaoter, Otercontract and Oterforging. These are the identification marks of specific products related to fixing, heating and hydraulic systems as well as of its “custom-made” production.


Euraccordi S.p.A. was founded in 1978 and is an active company not only in the water-sanitary industry, but also in the industrial sale and distribution of couplings – e.g. malleable cast iron-made couplings, cast iron-made quick release fittings, threaded and welded stainless steel and grooved fittings for fire-fighting systems. Such products are intended for construction companies and for all means of water, gas, oil and steam transportation.
In recent years it has become part of the Spanish company Group Atusa, which is the main white heart cast iron-made couplings manufacturer in Europe.


In the Sixties Umberto Piana laid the groundwork for an industrious company. Thanks to its modern approach and cutting-edge technology, Piana reached the highest quality levels after few years of activity.
The experience and knowledge acquired over the years let the company establish itself and stand out in the water-sanitary industry, especially at a national level.


A global leader in the manufacturing of valves and brass-made components not only for the water-sanitary and air-conditioning industry, but also for the gas distribution and water supply networks.
With its production plants based in San Maurizio d’Opaglio and Pogno, the company strongly believes in “Made in Italy” and in Italy itself. Nevertheless, it kept growing worldwide until achieving today’s international success.


Founded in 1980, CR is a cutting-edge company specialised in the complete manufacturing cycle of flushing systems and plastic-made water-sanitary products. Furthermore, CR is highly focused on the design and the functionality of its products.
The company’s constant investments in research and development enabled it to create a modern industrial structure with high automatization degree and substantial production capacity.


In 1977 BREMBOFLEX S.r.l. started out its activity in the manufacturing of brass-made couplings and small steel-made components for the metalworking and engineering industry. The water-sanitary sector has been of a great importance for the company since the very beginning, and thanks to the acquired experience it specialised its production not only in the manufacturing of plumbing and industrial hose components, but also in those for gas and fuels.
In 2019 the company acquired Andinox and its complete range of products.


Glass 1989 is a bathtub and multifunctional shower manufacturing company which focuses on quality and “Made in Italy” design; its range of products also include modular shower enclosures, shower trays and wall panels with high functional and size flexibility. Furthermore, it also produces highly customizable hammam and saunas as well as indoor and outdoor spa baths. All products are innovative and of high-quality design.


TDA produces shower trays and shower enclosures, forniture and accessories controlling the entire production process ensuring the quality of the lines of products that are distributed around the world. Dynamism, flexibility, attention to detail, research, technology, continuous investment and qualified employees are the strength of TDA products: to adhere to the search for design, stylistic consistency, and constructive quality.

Authentic, Solid and Reliable.
TDA is strongly rooted in the territory with its factories. The products are made by competent men and women, who every day demonstrate the ability “to do”. An ancient capacity that blends with the industrial excellence, typical of our region.